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"The Poet & the Princess: TREASURES" is more than just a gift book and personal Journey to Total Economic Freedom.  It is one of the most thoughtful Gifts an individual could ever give another human being.  The majority of the wealthiest most respected, most powerful and influential men and women who have ever walked the Earth understood and shaped their lives with one or more of the profound observations contained within the beautiful pages of Treasures.

So powerful are these observations (treasures), they turn one's life away from any lack of abundance and rapidly move one toward boundless Prosperity. They transform the aches and pains of debt, unfulfilled ambitions, and obligations (with too little to fulfill them) into new found WISDOM, lifting one toward a level of wealth and well-being " worthy of Prophets, Kings, and rich men alike."

Treasures reveals the truth that a life full of greater happiness, love, true wealth and well-being awaits every soul on Earth with the desire to rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs.  It's unbridled power will even move a rich and influential individual toward levels of wealth and well-being that few ever dare imagine - levels of wealth that only the love of one's Fellow Man might bring.


It reveals with poetic mastery how wisdom, know-how and UNDERSTANDING wash away the barriers to GREATER PROSPERITY.  It reveals in clear and certain terms how all things, including the desire to experience true wealth and greater happiness, ARE POSSIBLE NOW, TODAY and not just tomorrow.

Author, E. Laurence Bake's masterful Treasures, draws on the most ancient and successful form of communicating important ideas from person to person since Biblical times and earlier.  Through the Ages, Mankind's most precious discoveries and the summary of all his wisdom passed from generation to generation, in the form of "stories" told one to another.  For countless centuries these short (sometimes poetic) stories passed on all of the observations of life that were good and valuable to the next generation, and then the next generation, right up to present day.

Bearing all the marks of a modern masterpiece, Treasures never diverges from its roots - that grand and ancient tradition of masterful storytelling.  It claims no place in the Halls of scientific or philosophical texts.  On the contrary, it is a Celebration! - A Song of Life! - placed in your hands as a gift from a Royal Princess named "Mayya" and her one and only love, "Magister," the most "Beloved Poet in all The Kingdom."
Accept their priceless gifts at this time in your life and "The Journey" (from where you are at this moment) to the life, the places, the accomplishments, and the levels of Wealth and Prosperity you desire BEGINS NOW!

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"The Mystery of Greater Prosperity, True Wealth and
TOTAL Economic Freedom HAS BEEN SOLVED."
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